Study in Canada

Canada is the world’s most preferred educational hub by students all over the world. Being the second largest country in the world, it is also escalated for its highly sheltered legislation, superior quality education, enamoring amenities and visually arresting location. The nation has one of the finest economies in the world and is synonymous with harmony and accord. The congress of qualified leaders, exemplary diplomatic relations, value for civil rights and commendable peacekeeping missions makes this federal nation as a expedient destination. Most the Canadian states follow a provincial jurisdiction which enables them to independently govern and enact their legislative policies. It is named by the united nations as the one of the prime destinations to reside in the world.Study in canada,canada express entry,masters in canada,low fee in canada


Exceptional quality in education

Universally recognized degrees

Economical fee and lengthy array of world class institutions

Hearty and harmonious living

Programmes which are highly professional provision of internship

Assortment of cultures secured enclave

Opportunities of earning work permits

Possibility of acquiring permanent residency amicable to emigrate


The student direct stream (sds) provides a streamlined study permit application process for students with english or french language abilities who will study at an eligible canadian college or university. In place of most financial documents, qualifying applicants must submit a guaranteed investment certificate (gic) from a participating canadian financial institution. Applicants must also do their medical examination upfront and pay their tuition fees for their first year.


The intake happens during the months of January, May and September


The expenditure varies between can$ 9000 – 14000, as per the location


Students with permit can work for 20 hours a week. During vacation period, students can for 40 hours on a weekly basis


Application forms


Passport size photographs

Letter of acceptance

IELTS Score card

Fee Receipt

Previous education Mark Sheets

Bank Loan Sanction Letter
Bank Statement Of Parents Who Are Sponsoring

Photocopy of Fixed Deposits

 The above documents should be attested or notarized by an advocate

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