The study abroad aspirants choose Ireland as a major study destination because of its longstanding reputation and world renowned reputation in its quality of education. Today the country become one of the top sort after destination for overseas students. Ireland has a rich cultural heritage. The Republic of Ireland has a strong history and culture of welcoming foreign students In Ireland, it is the higher education institutions that determine the admission criteria for their courses.

Indian students can opt to meet their higher education needs in highly respected business schools, scientific and technology excellence as well as renowned language, humanities and arts faculties. The Higher Education Institutions have over 6,000 courses including various field medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, law, languages, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other humanities as well as the creative, visual and performing arts.

Higher education in Ireland is changing. Association with industry and a greater choice of provision and modes of learning will be available to our increasingly diverse cohort of students. The next two decades will see a transformation of our education system which will ensure that higher education connects more effectively with wider societal, economic and enterprise needs. This will be achieved through our staff; the quality of our graduates; the relevance of our research and our ability to translate these into high-value jobs and real benefits for our citizens.

Advantage of Study in Ireland

  • Internationally Recognized Qualifications
  • Ranked ordinal within the world Scientific Ranking
  • Renowned for attributes like innovation, creativeness and collaboration.
  • Hub for half the world’s major monetary services corporations
  • Ireland has five universities within the high three hundred overall rankings (QS) 
  • Its home to several of the world’s leading corporations

Ireland Admission process-7 steps

1.CHOOSE YOUR INSTITUTION AND PROGRAMME get as much information as possible about the college and the course you’re interested in. Once you have narrowed down your choices, collect the detailed information on the course and on application procedures.

2. APPLYING FOR A PROGRAMME Carefully consider all the information you have been sent. Before you apply make sure that your academic and English language standards meet those required. Again, selection criteria can vary. It is important that you provide everything that has been requested. ensure that your qualification and English language standards meet those required. Again, selection criteria can vary. It is important that you provide everything that has been requested.

3. CONFIRMING A PLACE If you are offered a place, congratulations! Now, you will be asked to send the admission fee. It is important that you do this as soon as possible in order to secure your place.

4. BOOKING ACCOMMODATION Once you received offer letter been, find about the practical aspects of living in Ireland.

5. GOT YOUR PASSPORT? Make sure to get your passport as soon as possible. If you already have one, check it is valid for a sufficient amount of time. If it’s due to expire in less than twelve months, apply for a new one.

6. CHECK THE VISA REGULATIONS Apply for your student visa 

7. YOU’RE HERE! Welcome! Once you are in Ireland, it’s very important that all your documents are in order and that you have fulfilled all the requirements of your visa approval.  


February, April, September


On a mean we tend to estimate that a student can pay between €7,000 and €12,000 p.a..

Ireland’s earnings is €9.15 per hour.


Students will work to twenty Hours per week (40 Hours throughout vacation)

Stay back possibility for level nine and higher than (masters and PhD) students from twelve months to twenty-four months.


  • All Academic documents
  •  Passport copy (first and last page)
  •  IELTS / TOEFL / PTE Score Report
  •  Work expertise / post Letter (s) (if any)
  •  Curriculum Vitae

Whether you’re from the European Union or further afield, you’re bound to have a million more questions about what’s it’s like to study in Ireland and the practical things you need to do to prepare for your trip. Angelorio Study Abroad has lots of information – from Visa requirements to a full list of third level institutions – to get you ready for student life in Ireland.

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